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Barefoot Safety Headcollar
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Barefoot Safety Headcollar

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This lightweight Nylon Safety Halter has two breaking points thanks to Velcro fastenings on both cheeks. Should the horse or pony step into the halter when out in the field, get it stuck in a fence post or shy hard when tied up, these 'breaking points' open up and release the horse in order to prevent injury.
The Nylon Safety Halter is softly padded with neoprene and will not irritate or rub the delicate skin on the horse's face therefore it can be worn daily even whilst turned out.
The light colours ensure less absorption of heat from sunrays.
Handy: Fringes can be velcroed on to protect the horses's eyes from flies - no annoying slipping as with fly-fringe browbands, the frines stay where they should!

Our tip : To increase the effectiveness, spray fringes with fly repellent.

Included : Two replacement velcros