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Cooler AmiciaDevon English bridle

Cooler Lea
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Cooler Lea

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Anti-Sweat cooler with high neck made from great and sturdy RWC-fleece quality with outstanding wicking capabilities: the material transports the sweat through the blanket so that the horse dries quickly. Moisture can easily be shaken off the top of the blanket. This effect lets the horse's sweat dry noticeably quicker and thus prevents from getting a cold.

The fit of this blanket is extra-long and drops deeper along the legs and belly in order to protect the muscles around this area as well. Additionally we have included a tail cover to protect the inside of the rear legs (many blankets don't cover this area, although the horse sweats tremendously under the tail).Of course the blanket features a high neck, simply because this is the area where horses sweat most quickly.

Velcro closures in the front to keep the wind out – but no leg straps in which the horse might get trapped.

Available in three sizes: S, M and L

• high quality, functional fleece
• extra-long fit to protect legs and belly
• with high neck
• large tail piece
• neat embroidery and outstanding design
• no leg straps