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What are the benefits to the Rider? Print E-mail
Tuesday, 14 August 2007 12:37
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Many! Sitting in a Barefoot treeless saddle feels like riding bareback, just more comfortable and secure: The high pommel and cantle cradle and support you, and you have fenders or stirrups for added safety. It is suitable for all kinds of riding.Even most beginners feel safe, because the saddle provides support and lets the rider sit close to the horse. The seat is cushioned with fleece, always soft, much warmer in winter, and it develops the right shape just for you. You will effortlessly feel the horse’s slightest movement and rhythm through the flexible saddle, that makes it much easier to follow the movement and work with the rhythm. With more movement under you and a balanced position, the Barefoot will, over time, build a better seat.
The slightly rough Nubuck leather helps you to feel steady and secure in the saddle, providing welcome grip. But unlike regular rough-out suede seats, you are not stuck in one place on the horses back — since the saddle instantly shapes to you, it allows you to move with the horse, or to influence it with your body.

Riders with back problems may be able to ride without pain again, because all movement is transferred smoothly, there is a lot of shock absorption built in, so the rider’s spine and disks are not hammered with impacts.
The saddle is very lightweight, not only will your horse appreciate the sudden easing of its burden, but you will be amazed at how easy saddling has become!

Knee trouble may also be helped by the highly flexible saddle and its soft sides. Look at getting different, knee-friendly stirrups, too — EZ-Ride, swivelled or off-set stirrups, or narrow fenders.
You won’t need expensive saddle fitting sessions, because the Barefoot fits nearly everyone and can’t cause saddle sores if you stick to our recommendations. A shock absorbing blanket or pad belongs under every treeless saddle.
And last but not least, it is just SO much more fun to ride a relaxed, happy, pain free and willing horse that isn’t afraid to move!!